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Best YouTube To Mp3 Converters 2020

Alongside Google, YouTube is one of the most popular search engines. The video business is running and is becoming increasingly lucrative. 400 minutes of video material are uploaded every minute and a billion hours of videos are watched every day.

Note: Downloading videos using third-party apps violates YouTube’s Terms of Service. Downloading is a potential copyright infringement unless the video is yours or in the public domain. Ytify.com is not responsible for any such violations.

Our Top 5 Youtube Converters:

1. Converto.io

The first website on our list is Converto.io. No frills on the screen, easy to use, since again only the video URL has to be copied into the window and of course both MP3 and MP4 are available. In addition, you are not limited to downloading videos only from YouTube – numerous other sites are also supported.

An additional feature that makes Converto interesting is that you can choose here whether you only want an audio file of the video or whether you want to download the entire video including the image directly. This makes Converto a good alternative for friends of music videos and has the practical side effect that you can use it to download any other video if a long train journey is coming up, on which the internet connection is not stable.

2. Y2Mate.com

In its basic functions, Y2Mate offers the same options as the two tools already presented, but this page is somewhat more straightforward in its execution. While all common file formats are supported here and the operation is child’s play by simply copying and pasting the URL, Y2Mate is limited to converting YouTube videos – other pages do not work here. It is also known that Y2Mate does not always run smoothly on Android devices, but if you just want to drag a song or two from the market leader in terms of video upload to your hard drive on your PC anyway, this is a very simple tool for you Best advice for purposes.

3. Converterbear.com

Screenshot from website: Onlinevideoconverter.com
Again, we are dealing with a website that is hardly constructed differently than the previous ones on the list. Copy the link, click the button and voila, the download is ready. Again, you have the convenience of not only being limited to YouTube and not only saving the video as an audio file, but also as a video.

But what makes the online video converter special is the fact that with the exception of a few links, there are absolutely no advertising banners or pop-ups in the way. This makes the site easy on the eye and unobtrusive.

4. MP3Hub.com

Screenshot from website MP3Hub.com
Another alternative is MP3Hub. This website does not differ in its operation from the others. Songs can be loaded in MP3 format as a sound file or in MP4 format as a whole video. In addition, there is a  detailed explanation of all the features directly on the main page, which makes it easy for everyone.

MP3Hub also advertises that it can convert videos from other sites, like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
The absolute highlight, however, is that the site is completely ad-free and does not annoy you with constantly popping up ads that you don’t want to see.

5. YTMP3.cc

Screenshot from ytmp3.cc website
Our fifth website is basically very similar to Converto.io. But cannot be visited from some countries. The site stands out for its simplicity. All you have to do here is copy the URL of the desired YouTube video, paste it into the bar on YTMP3 and click on “Convert”. It then runs completely automatically and after a few seconds the song is ready for the download. YTMP3 offers the most common audio file formats such as MP3 and MP4. In addition, this page is not limited to YouTube – URLs from other video platforms such as Vimeo or Dailymotion also work here.

In general, the site impresses with its simple structure, a comparatively small amount of advertising and its quick conversion. It is suitable for everyone and worth a look.

Free Youtube Converter Software

In addition to the direct converters in the form of websites, there are also a few programs that are traditionally installed on the computer. Thus, these are only suitable for PC users, but are worth a look for those who would like to convert several songs, since this is more convenient with permanently installed software – no constant re-opening of the website is necessary and the downloads are no longer necessary. Which of these programs is recommended will now follow in our second part of the best converters.

1. ClipGrab.org

clip grave
ClipGrab is a trusted program that can be downloaded for free. However, the developers offer their users the option of making a voluntary donation. So if you would like to support the ClipGrab team, you can do that – but users who purchase the software without donation have no disadvantages.

ClipGrab is suitable for all common operating systems, i.e. Windows, Mac and Linux. It is also sufficient to copy the video URL into a bar and the conversion can begin. In contrast to websites that also offer this range of functions, ClipGrab offers a few convenient functions as installable software.
On the one hand, the program automatically detects when a video URL has been copied to the clipboard and thus opens up the possibility to start converting immediately. Copy & Paste becomes copy and you save one step.

On the other hand, ClipGrab allows the use of proxy servers, which can be used to download videos that are otherwise blocked in Germany or are otherwise not available.

This makes ClipGrab as simple as it is brilliant and also offers the service of converting videos from platforms other than YouTube.

2. 4Kdownload.com

The 4K Video Downloader is basically free of charge, but is based on the freemium principle. This means that the basic functions of the software can be used freely, however, a one-off payment of approx. 15 euros is required for extended functions.

The 4K Downloader again offers all the familiar features: copy the URL and get started. This program stands out due to its numerous setting options, which allow the user to precisely adjust the quality and format of each video. It is also possible to download entire playlists and not just individual songs, which can save you a lot of work.

However, it should be noted here that in the free version only a limited amount of videos can be converted per day. In addition, the playlists may contain a maximum of 24 videos. If you want to get rid of this lock, you have to switch to the premium version. However, this comes with additional bonuses. The 4K Video Downloader can be used in a kind of “smart mode”, with which the software can automatically recognize and convert newly published videos from specified channels without the user having to take any further steps.

Other alternatives for Windows and Mac

An alternative software is dvdvideosoft.com, which is suitable for both Windows PCs and Macs. The downloader is free. Simply install it on the desktop device and then open it. Copy the YouTube URL of your desired video into the software mask and click on Download. Note: The free version is with advertising, which makes working with the downloader a nerve-racking game.

YouTube DLG works similarly. The advantage over Free YouTube Download and the online versions: You can insert as many YouTube URLs as you want in the input field and the download starts. You also specify the directory in which the YouTube videos should be loaded. You create the location once.

The WinX YouTube Downloader is also attractive. Its full version is currently available free of charge. It can also be used to download videos from other platforms such as Vimeo or Facebook. 

YouTube Downloader for Android

If you want to download YouTube videos directly on your smartphone, you should do so via WiFi if possible to save your data volume. You won’t find any YouTube converters in the Google Play Store, since Google, as the owner of YouTube, is of course not interested in its users downloading the videos.

If you shy away from installing the download app, you can also use an online service such as video grabber. As with the online desktop version, enter the YouTube URL in the window provided and simply click on Download.

YouTube Downloader for Firefox

The browser add-on VideoDownloadHelper is available for Firefox. The Firefox extension simply downloads the videos in any format from almost all websites. It is not limited to Windows , but can also be used with Mac OS or Linux .



YouTube converters make it easy to download and archive your favorite YouTube videos for free using installed software, online or using a browser add-on. So you have the videos available offline at any time and can enjoy them smoothly without stressing your data volume. Videos are the hit on the net: Quickly watch a music video, share it via WhatsApp or Facebook. Relax on the way to the office or home with music videos. But how can you find the music video you just watched? One way: You download your favorite videos and put them on your PC, smartphone or in the cloud. So you can access it when needed. This is made possible by the YouTube Converter, with which you can easily download and archive YouTube videos. We’ll show you the best.

There are some YouTube converters online, but we have researched them online for you, but they are best suited for mobile or desktop devices. We can also address your legal concerns: For private use, it is allowed to download YouTube videos. However, only if you are not logged in as a user on YouTube. With login, the YouTube terms and conditions apply, in which the downloading of videos is not permitted.

YouTube converters can have different approaches: Some are installed on your devices, others are purely online tools. The converters are also available as smartphone apps or various browser extensions. What you should definitely pay attention to: use should be free of charge and the tool should be easy to use. Some YouTube converters are only ad-free if you use the paid full version.


What is a YouTube to MP3 Converter?

A YouTube Converter can be used to download complete videos or audio files from YouTube. Why is that practical? Sometimes your Internet connection is too weak to access the video platform directly. In this case, it would be really convenient to have the file already downloaded and ready to go on your phone or laptop. A YouTube to MP3 Converter allows you to be independent of the platform so that you can enjoy your clips or songs anytime, anywhere – even without Wi-Fi.

There are different ways to achieve this: for example, through the installation of software or a browser add-on. On some YouTube converter sites, you only need the YouTube link. You just pick your desired format and you’re ready to go.

A YouTube to MP3 Converter is a service that lets you download videos of all lengths and varieties, and convert them to your preferred format. YouTube delivers videos around the clock for free. Without an Internet connection, however, nothing works. No reception on the train?  Wish you had your good old MP3 player? YouTube to MP3 Converters will do the trick: they download video and audio from YouTube, convert it to the format you want, and save it to your computer. With a YouTube to MP3 Converter, you decide when to watch your favorite videos and listen to your favorite songs.

How does a YouTube to MP3 Converter work?
In fact, all free and paid converters work the same: you select a YouTube video and the software downloads it for you. Most tools only need the video’s URL, and others even add convenient download buttons to your browser. What gets downloaded to your computer, you decide – the entire video including sound, or just the audio track.

Where are the differences?
YouTube to MP3 Converters come in various forms and many of them are available for free, without installation. 

Another option is to install stand-alone software onto your PC, which will allow you to directly convert videos from YouTube. Most of these programs have a larger scope and you can even use them to create download lists and automatically download YouTube playlists. However, this also involves more installation, including the risk of installing potentially harmful additional software.

However, browser add-ons, such as SmartTube, offer the most comfortable solution for downloading videos from YouTube: Here you will find all functions directly in the browser, no annoying switching between websites and program windows. Simply select the video you want, press and download the button.

How can you convert your songs even more quickly?
Using the MP3 Converter through a website is very easy and quick. But it even goes one step faster – with a browser add-on. All in all, such add-ons are probably the most convenient solution for downloading free videos. If you are on YouTube, you can directly download the video in a few seconds via a button – without having to copy a URL and paste it on an external website.

Why install a MP3 Converter as an add-on?
A YouTube MP3 Converter can be conveniently used in the form of a browser add-on. While they are also available as stand-alone software or as free online services, there are many arguments in favor of using an extension within your browser.

Easier, faster, more convenient through browser add-on
Here‘s a summary of the advantages of YouTube to MP3 Converter browser add-ons:

Easier – because the functions are reduced to the essentials. The add-ons will create a button for downloading your YouTube video. All you have to do is choose a video, press the download button and wait a moment. A few moments later, the desired video is available as a file on your computer. It could hardly be any simpler!

Faster and more convenient – because you do not have to switch between different program windows, copy and paste different YouTube addresses, or access external pages. The entire download process takes place in your browser, without unnecessary steps or potential error. With the help of a MP3 Converter as a browser add-on, you can easily download your songs and videos. The browser extensions are intuitive to use, and do not cause any difficulties for even inexperienced users.

Easy installation without obstacles
Certain advantages are also noticeable during the installation. For standalone software, many steps are necessary: First, it is important to have a working download link – and at the same time to check whether this source is safe. Because installation packages from the Internet can easily be packed with malicious software. Once you’ve overcome that hurdle, you’ll need to download the data, go to your computer, start the installation routine, make the necessary adjustments, and be careful not to install unwanted third-party programs that are often difficult to get rid of.

What do I have to look for when converting YouTube videos?
In short: you have to make sure that the video or audio file has indeed been downloaded from YouTube. Because, as in other sites where you can download files, there are third parties trying to catch you out and fill your hard drive with unnecessary and potential harmful garbage.

This happens, for example, with programs that bring money to the site operator, but only slow down your computer – or even damage it. Also to be conscious of are the “pop-ups”, which open automatically while you’re browsing the web page – and try to lure you with false promises of fabulous prizes and money.

You do not have any problems here: there are no requirements to install any unnecessary programs, and there are no pop-ups (otherwise you would have already noticed this!).

Which output formats are available for conversion?
You have the choice between many audio formats. Above all, of course, there is the most well-known and most common format MP3, which is now almost synonymous with portable music. There is also AAC, which should be known especially to users of Apple products, as they are used in the iTunes Store. The converter can also convert to the Windows classic WAV. There are also known video types like mp4, flv or avi.

Is there a relationship between the size and quality of the audio file?
It tends to be: the smaller the amount of data, the worse the quality. But you should not assume that a small file automatically means that the conversion gives you poor quality.

It is important to understand that when you reduce the amount of data, certain audio signals are erased. However, an adult human being can not hear every sound, most people have the lowest audible frequency at 16 to 21 Hz and the highest frequency at 16,000 to 19,000 Hertz. Some of these frequencies are outside these limits and are therefore only technically represented. So a good quality song can still be heard, but it will won’t take up too much space on your hard drive.

Does using a YouTube to MP3 Converter result in a loss of quality?
Cracking, scratching, hissing, flickering – noise and poor quality can significantly affect your enjoyment of songs and videos. That’s why it makes sense from the beginning to take care to only download good quality audio and video. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of a YouTube downloader.

The most important is the output quality
From the beginning, it’s important to check the output quality of the YouTube video. If the video has already been uploaded with sound errors or skipping, YouTube to MP3 Converter will not be able to do anything about it – you’ll be downloading the same bugs and noise no matter what format or resolution you choose. So, if there are different versions of your desired video on YouTube, try them, compare them, and choose the highest quality video.

If the video on YouTube is of a high enough quality, there’s nothing to get in the way of your listening pleasure. Because the MP3 Converter uses the most up-to-date compression methods, high-quality source material will not suffer a perceptible loss of quality when converted.  However, a converter will not improve the quality of the recording, either.

Avoid lossless formats
Also keep in mind that YouTube compresses all audio automatically. So if a user uploads a soundtrack in lossless FLAC format, it will still be compressed when uploaded to YouTube. Although the video platform uses an advanced compression method, true CD quality can not achieved with downloads from YouTube. Avoid downloading audio from YouTube in FLAC format (or other lossless, data-intensive formats). The quality can not be improved upon because the source (the YouTube video itself) is already lossy.

Which format is right for me?
First, it depends on which YouTube video you want to download. There  are both high quality recordings, like those recorded in a professional studio, but also poor-quality recordings, like those captured on a mobile phone, with heavy background noise. Unfortunately, the converter cannot work magic, which is why a bad recording cannot be turned into a masterpiece. For this reason, it is worthwhile to select the original quality during the conversion, i.e. to select the original format.

Secondly, the question is what type of user you are. For example, if you want to get copyright free music that you download to your phone to motivate you to run, you should pay attention to the file size. You expect about 10 MB per minute, so that the memory card of the mobile quickly reaches its limits. In the case of a smartphone, an MP3 is enough. The situation is different if you prefer listening to music at home to chill out and have a good music system. In this case, it is worthwhile to select the best sound quality. With the converter, this would be the download in WAV format.

You also have to pay attention to whether or not your device can play these files. MP3s are now compatible with almost any device, while this is not the case for the ogg format.

Are there restrictions on the videos?
Yes, only files where you have the right or with no copyright can be downloaded and converted. So as long as your memory card has enough space, you can freely download and convert your own songs and videos. You should just keep in mind that it can take a while for very large files, of course, until the YouTube to MP3 Converter has completely downloaded the video.

Where on my computer are the downloads saved?
The best thing about the YouTube to MP3 Converter is that you can save it to your computer – no matter what type of video it is. But where exactly do the songs end up after the download has been successfully completed? There is no universal answer to this question because it depends on your own preferences. Either you have to select the location after clicking the download button, or this is already set by default by the browser.

This is usually the downloads folder of your user account on the PC. This address looks something like this: C: / Users / Username / Downloads. But do not worry, because the YouTube to MP3 Converter automatically takes over the name of the video, you can find it by simply copying the name of YouTube in your operating system’s search.

What can a YouTube to MP3 Converter do?
These convert YouTube videos into a variety of file formats, such as MP3, MP4, AAC, WMA, FLV or AVI. Which output format is right for you depends on which media player you want to play your favorite song on. For example, MP3 is a popular audio format on the Internet, because it compresses the audio using less memory.

What should I watch out for when using a YouTube to MP3 Converter?
If you use a YouTube to MP3 Converter via a website to download your videos and songs, you do not have to install anything, which is convenient. In addition, such converters usually work in all operating systems, whether Windows, Mac or Linux. Simply copy and paste the address of your YouTube video – the rest is done for you. Depending on the video length, the download is quick on your computer or smartphone. So you do not have to spend time installing or worrying about uninstalling and just need the browser of your choice to download. It‘s not only safe, but also free.