Analysis: Google & YouTube Visitor Numbers Huge Plus

The homepage of Google web search has been the most visited website in the world for many years and numerous other Google products are extremely popular in the browser. New statistics now show that Google has been able to increase traffic to its own web services extremely strongly in the past two years, while the biggest competitor Facebook has suffered a decline in visitors year after year.

Google operates numerous popular products, most of which can be found on the web under the domain and thus ensure enormous traffic. This includes not only the web search, but also all other services from GMail to Google Maps to Google Photos, Google Drive and Google Calendar. All of these offerings together generate enormous traffic that other web services cannot even generate in the beginning.

A new statistic now shows that the domain received more than 82 billion views per month last year, compared to only 65 billion in the previous year and only 59 billion in 2017. If you consider that Google has not launched any noteworthy new products with such massive traffic in the past two to three years, that’s a huge increase. It should be noted that only global web traffic is counted – although mobile apps could of course also be included , but are not explicit.

In second place, at least in terms of graphics, you can find Google’s video platform YouTube – so it stays in the family. But YouTube also grew from 25 billion views in 2017 to just under 29 billion views in 2019. In third place, Facebook, for which statistics have been going downhill steeply for the past three years and is actually a reflection of YouTube traffic, just follows in the other direction.

Facebook had more than 30 billion views in 2017, the following year it was 27 billion and in 2019 only 24.6 billion views of the domain. This is of course also due to the fact that a lot of social media has shifted towards Instagram and communication towards WhatsApp – which ultimately goes from Facebook to the right pocket. Both Instagram and WhatsApp were able to increase their number of visits in the same period.

The graphic shows the overwhelming superiority of Google and Facebook on the web, because no other company can boast nearly as many visitors as these two companies. In fourth place is Baidu, which is known to cultivate the world’s largest market – China – and yet cannot find a connection to Google and Facebook. Wikipedia at number 5 is not entirely surprising and is even ahead of Amazon.

Don’t forget: these statistics are pure visits, not impressions or user numbers. In addition, the traffic or length of stay is irrelevant. For example, if you try the Google web search every now and then for half an hour, you create a new call every time. Scrolling for half an hour on Facebook, however, remains with a call. If one were to evaluate the pure traffic generated, Amazon with AWS, YouTube, then of course Microsoft and other providers such as Netflix would also be very high up.